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Maker of pool cues in the sixties and seventies in Feasterville, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia.
Doc Fry was a cuemaker in the Philadelphia area. He was a pharmacist who owned his own pharmacy in Feasterville (hence the nickname "Doc" ) who played pool and made cues as a hobby. He is best known for inspiring Gus Szamboti, who was also from the Philadelphia area, to start making cues. Very few Doc Fry cues have points, and it is believed that all of those are made from Gus Szamboti blanks. Although Doc Fry cues are unmarked, they often will have a penny under the bumper. It is believed that Fry would go to the bank to get new pennies, so the years on these pennies indicate when the cues were made.
If you have a Doc Fry cue that needs further identification or repair, contact Szamboti Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.