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Maker of pool cues from 1982 to present in Santa Ana, California.
Kerry Zeiler was born in New Kensington, PA and lived there for thirteen years before moving to Orange County, CA where he still resides. He has been playing pool since the age of ten, has been a very avid and competitive player for 45 years, and has taught the game for 31 years. The progression to becoming a cuemaker was very natural for him.
Kerry has been a licensed radiologic technologist for 29 years. He has studied how to manufacture a well shooting and hitting cue from some of the best. His background in the medical field led him to become one of the first to x-ray the tooling mechanics and structure of cues manufactured by cuemakers such as Szamboti, Balabushka, Billy Stroud, Tad and Martin. Some of the cues he x-rayed were from more than fifty years ago and this collection of x-rays has opened many doors for Zeiler. The combined interest of Ron Sakahara and Roy Yamane, with the availability of their vast cue collections, was just the beginning of the work he has applied to his endless learning and knowledge of cue construction. Working with a large collection of exotic and custom cues, Kerry has been able to scrutinize many variables in the internal construction of a cue. He believes he has found the "why" of some cues hitting great and some not so great.
Although he has inlaid cues in the past, he no longer does inlays, and he only puts rings right above the butt cap. Kerry believes that adding rings between the tip and the handle deadens the resonance of the cue, which negatively affects the hit. Kerry has tried different joints, including the Uni-Loc. Now he believes buckhorn-to-buckhorn joints play best, and he listens to the tones of his shafts to match them in pairs to his cues. Kerry says the quality of the wood used is the most important factor in building great playing cues. He strives to make two-piece cues that play like one-piece cues.
Zeiler has been building cues part time from 1982 to 1998, and full time from 1998 to present. His first exposure to custom cuemaking was by studying under the craftsmanship of the late Hank Korsiak, of "Corsair Cues" in Orange County, CA. In the past, he made a few "Black Beauty" tribute cues out of paper-based black phenolic blanks from Hank. He was also influenced by other well-known and respected cuemakers. Early cues with points were made from Verl Horn short spliced blanks. The unique quality and never-ending innovation Zeiler brings to cuemaking has resulted in a high quality cue with minimum deflection. Kerry´s last name, having been misspelled and pronounced incorrectly more often that not, over the years, has led to Zylr Hand-Crafted Cues.
"Elegance through Simplicity," which translates to "the beauty of the woods is the beauty of the cue," has become the motto for Zylr cues. The selection of materials used in producing a soundly constructed cue includes a variety of hardwoods from all over the world. Kerry keeps an open mind and is constantly looking for new ways to develop the use of the natural appearance in the grain of different woods. As an environmentalist, and therefore a respecter of wildlife, Zeiler does not use ivory in his cues. Instead, buck horn, naturally shed yearly, from whitewall and mule deer, caribou, Indian stag and moose add a unique and natural appearance to the joint, butt cap, and rings. Kerry believes this material is superior to ivory since it is very dense and resilient, providing a distinctly solid hit. Kerry can bleach buck horn to look almost identical to ivory. He started using Ivor-X for ferrules in 2003 after a 23-year search for the perfect ivory ferrule replacement.
Since Zeiler is 60 inches tall, he has also become an expert in making a solid hitting well proportioned 60-inch cue, which has been difficult, if not impossible, to locate until now. His standard cue has buck horn joint rings and Ivor-X ferrules, and is available in a variety of exotic hardwoods for $1,050 retail with two matched shafts. These cues have no points or inlays. The only metal is the joint screw, and everything else is threaded on to wood tenons. The cues are weighted based on the woods used. Zylr cues are easily idenifiable by the "Z" lightning bolt logo on the butt cap that has appeared since 1997. Kerry keeps a record of original owner´s cues in case a Zylr cue is stolen or needs to be identified.
Zylr cues are guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects that are not the result of warpage or abuse. If you have a Zylr cue that needs further identification or repair, or would like to order a new Zylr cue, contact Zylr Handcrafted Cues, listed in the trademark index.

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