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Maker of pool cues from 1971 to present, currently in Waxhaw, North Carolina.
Wayne Holmes is a second generation cuemaker, having learned from his father, cuemaker Orie Holmes, in the mid-1960s. In 1971, after having served in the military, Wayne attended college to study structural engineering and construction techniques. While in college, he started a small cuemaking and cue repair business to help pay his education expenses. Wayne´s early cues were very simple in design, but were quite well known for their quality of hit and expert workmanship. Obviously he had paid close attention to his father´s teachings.
Being an avid pool player since the age of 12, Wayne knew exactly how a well-made cue should perform. His education and career in construction and engineering paid off for him when he decided to pursue cuemaking full time. Wayne settled near Charlotte, North Carolina and built a new shop. He then devoted a full three years to research and engineering to improve his methods of constructing his cues, and to developing the pro taper of the shafts. His cues are now even better known for their excellent deflection characteristics, their quality "hit," and superior workmanship.
Wayne now limits the number of cues he makes each year to 100, all of which are constructed without the aid of computerized equipment. Wayne does all of his inlays entirely by hand and has stated, "There will never be a CNC machine in my shop." In 1995, Wayne developed a method of doing the labor-intensive "re-machined points" and brought his cuemaking to an even higher level. Although he is now making cues that sell for several thousand dollars and are being shipped all over the world, he still enjoys making the plain cue for the average player. "Whether it´s a three hundred dollar cue, or a three thousand dollar cue, it´s still something I love to do."
With Wayne, the search for better and stronger construction methods is never ending. He is credited with the development of a proprietary joint system in 2002 that has proven to significantly improve the hit of his cues. The development of a new and extremely effective taper for the shafts of his cues has come to be very popular among professional and novice players alike. His favorite saying is "...good enough, just isn´t good enough."
Wayne Custom Cues are easily identifiable by his signature in gold, silver, or black ink on the forearm. In September 2003, Wayne began signing his one-of-a-kind and limited edition cues in genuine gold or silver leaf.
Wayne Custom Cues are guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects that are not the result of warpage or abuse. If you have a Wayne cue that needs further identification or repair, or would like to order a new Wayne cue, contact Wayne Custom Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.

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