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Maker of pool cues from 2001 to present in Federal Way, Washington.
Jessi Nester grew up on a farm in Oklahoma with one sister and three brothers. It was on the farm that she first learned to work with machinery, and that she discovered her love of working with wood. Jessi wanted to take shop and auto classes in high school, but girls were steered away from them at the time. She began playing pool and was inspired to begin a business with a retail billiards store. The business, Beads and Billiards, is located in Federal Way, Washington. Having a retail store where cues were being sold made it necessary to do cue repairs. Jessi began making her own cues in her one-woman shop in 2001. Today she manages the store, makes Todd cues, and continues to play pool.
Todd cues is named after Jessi´s partner, Courtney Nester´s grandfather, Franklin Todd. When the store got robbed of everything, Franklin offered financial help to rebuild the business. Todd Cues is also the inventor and manufacturer of the Original Pocket Chalker and Qclaw Cue Holder. Jessi makes the "Todd Hoppa," a jump cue that retails for $125. Jessi tries to make good playing cues that local league players can afford. Todd cues are usually fairly simple, with very few inlays. No CNC is used. Jessi has her own layered tip, called "Apache." She also makes her own full-spliced blanks for hustler cues. She hopes to be making more cues in the future. Jessi likes to use buffalo horn for ferrules, joint collars, and butt caps. Since Asian water buffalo are raised locally, she also stocks it for sale to other cuemakers at a low cost. Todd cues were finished with auto clear coat until 2004 when Jessi developed her own way of applying super glue finish. She prefers it for its looks and hardness. She has experimented with all of the brands and techniques and is now working on an injection applicator.
Todd cues are easily identifiable by the "Todd" marking that has appeared on the forearms or butt sleeves of every Todd cue since the beginning. Todd cues are guaranteed for life to the original owner against construction defects that are not the result of warpage or abuse. If you are interested in talking to Jessi Nester about a new cue or cue that needs to be repaired, you can contact her at Todd Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.

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