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Maker of pool cues from 1976 to present, currently in Massapequa Park, New York.
Pete Tascarella is an accomplished player who has run over 200 balls in straight pool. He was a police detective in Brooklyn and spent a lot of time in the neighborhood where George Balabushka lived and made cues. Pete bought his first cue from George in 1971 for $125, and the two became friends. Pete started to visit George regularly, and bring him coffee in the mornings. Although George never formally trained Pete in cuemaking, George worked while Pete was in his shop and he let Pete see what he was doing. When George died in 1975 Pete bought his equipment and materials. Utilizing what he had seen in George´s shop, using George´s materials, methods, and equipment, Pete made his first cue in fall of 1976.
Pete´s early cues could easily be mistaken for Balabushkas so in 1980 Pete began signing his cues "Tascarella" on the forearms to avoid confusion. He has continued to make cues in the tradition of George Balabushka. Pete has retired from the Police Department and he owned a couple of upscale pool rooms in New York in the 1990s. Now Pete´s son, a full-time New York State Court Officer, works with him. They thread all components and use traditional gluing methods as opposed to epoxies or super glues. Points are short or full spliced and ferrules are capped. Any kind of joint is available, including a unique ivory joint with a steel bushing that they developed. Their goal is to make the perfect cue, with playability being the primary concern. They still work on the Atlas lathe that George Balabushka customized for his own shop.
If you are interested in talking to Pete Tascarella about a new cue or cue that needs to be repaired, you can contact him at Tascarella Custom Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.

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