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Maker of pool cues from 1995 to 2001 in Las Cruces, New Mexico and from 2001 to present in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
Bob Smith started playing pool as a kid while growing up in North Carolina. After a career in civil service, working in photography, film and video production, Bob took early retirement in New Mexico. He continued to play pool, eventually becoming a BCA certified instructor, and teaching pocket billiards at New Mexico State University.
In 1992, Bob opened a billiard pro shop specializing in cues. He developed a strong interest in how the cues were made, and decided he should make his own. Bob had woodworking experience as a hobby to help in this endeavor, and after studying cuemaking for a year, he started building Shaman Custom Cues. "Shaman" is another word for the American Indian term "Medicine Man." Bob liked something he had read using this word: "In order to ask the gods for divine intervention, one must seek the aid of a Shaman" (author unknown).
In 2001, Bob and his wife Judy moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He now makes less than one Shaman cue a week. He loves southwestern art, and some of the inlay work on his cues incorporates Native American designs and materials found there. Bob prefers not to use elephant ivories, with shed antler and prehistoric ivories being his favorite alternatives. Playability is Bob´s primary concern, and extra steps are taken toward this goal. Shafts are turned once every two weeks, at least ten times, and feature a custom taper which Bob developed. No taper bar is used to make the shafts, so small changes in the taper can easily be incorporated, upon request. Bob has developed his own hardness grading system for tips to further help the customer achieve a desired hit. The scale runs from less than 10, which is the hardest, to over 30, which is the softest. A flat-faced, radial pin joint is recommended to customers for a great hit, but most common joints are available at no extra charge. Uni-Loc joints and Predator shafts are options on Shaman Cues.
All Shaman cues are easily identifieable by the "Shaman" logo on the butt cap, either engraved or inlaid on a cast piece of silver. Each cue has a two-digit date and serial number under the bumper and under the wrap along with Bob´s signature. All Shaman cues come standard with one shaft. Shaman Cues are guaranteed for one year on material and workmanship.
If you have a Shaman cue that needs further identification or repair, or would like to talk to Bob about ordering a new Shaman cue, contact Shaman Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.

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