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Maker of pool cues from 1984 to 1995 in Racine, Wisconsin.
Steve Miller started playing pool as a young boy. He developed an interest in woodworking in his high school shop class and later worked in a custom cabinet shop. Within six months after graduating from high school, Steve made his first pool cue. He named his one-man cuemaking operation "S.C. Miller Custom Cues." Steve constantly improved his design and construction methods toward better playability.
The first few S.C. Miller cues had 5/16-18 joint screws, but Steve soon switched to a 5/16-14 screw. About ten of the early cues he made for his friends were marked "ICKY," Steve´s nickname in the local pool rooms. All other cues were marked "S.C. Miller" or "S.C.M." In 1993, Steve stopped using short spliced blanks and started inlaying his points. One year later, he started using an epoxy finish instead of the lacquer he had used previously.
In 1995, Steve joined Nova cues, and stopped making S.C. Miller cues. Only one of his cues had ivory inlays, and it was extremely fancy. Other S.C. Miller cues were usually simple, with inlays of wood, synthetics or pearl.
For more information, please see listing for "Nova Cues".

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