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Maker of pool cues from 1975 to present, currently in Palatine, Illinois.
Ray Schuler grew up in Chicago, learning to play pool at the age of fourteen. His first real cue was made by Herman Rambow, who became a good friend of Ray´s for many years. Ray continued to play while he attended John Carroll University in Cleveland, and then the University Of Detroit, where he received a degree in engineering.
In 1975, after spending 25 years as an engineer, Ray was approached by a friend to make him a cue. Ray had been doing repairs for his friends for some years, but this would be his first cue. Shortly after this first cue, he began to make cues from his home. Ray´s primary concern was the playability of his cue, and he was constantly searching for ways to enhance the performance of the product. Eight different shaft tapers are available to suit an individual´s style of play, and Ray hand-signed each cue as a display of his personal pride and as a seal of quality.
The most noteworthy feature of the Schuler cue is its joint. Ray was able to draw on his engineering experience to produce a unique joining mechanism for his cue, which provides his product with an interchangeable joint system, the first ever in pool cues. The Schuler joint adds as little weight at the joint as possible, for a metal connection. The joint utilizes a 5/16-14 hollow stud with an aircraft aluminum, deep reverse pilot. Half of the connection is recessed; thus, the stud protrudes just slightly from the end of the cue.
In 1988 Ray hired Ivan Lee to learn the cuemaking art, and Ivan became the general manager of the company, as well as a highly skilled cuemaker. Ivan upgraded the joinery of the cue to enhance its playability and longevity, and directed the inlay work to make the cue more visually appealing. He kept an open ear to the player, and provided changes and modifications to the cues as needed.
Ray and Ivan also worked with Jerry Powers. Jerry is a BCA certified Master-level instructor, who designed and sold a specially made Schuler cue under the name Schuler/Jerico. His constant contact with BCA instructors gives Jerry a window into what the serious players want in a cue.
Terry Trim purchased the company in 1999, and Ray continued to run the company. Ray Schuler died in November of 2002. Terry took over the company and continues making cues in the tradition of Ray Schuler.
Terry Trim now heads a five-man shop that includes his son Bryan Trim. The precise tolerances and uniformity from cue to cue have remained consistent for over 30 years. The Schuler cue is made completely in-house, so any type of custom work is available.
Ray Schuler cues are easily identifiable by the "Ray Schuler" signature that appears on every cue. Until he died in 2002, Ray personally signed every Schuler cue "By Ray Schuler." Every Schuler cue since then is hand-signed "Ray Schuler S L C." S L C stands for Schuler Legacy Cue.
The Schuler cue is popular around the world, not only with pool players, but snooker and billiard players as well. The Schuler cue is guaranteed for two years against defects in material and workmanship. If you have a Schuler cue that needs repair, identification, renewal, etc., or you would like to talk to Terry Trim about a new cue, contact Schuler Cue, listed in the Trademark Index.

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