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Maker of pool cues in New York and New Jersey from 1923 until the 1960s.
The Blatt family has been involved in the billiard business for more than 90 years, beginning in 1913 when Samuel Blatt worked for the New York Billiard Table Company on New York´s Bowery. Samuel´s experience grew beyond cuemaking and repair when he learned the art of making ivory balls from established master and proprietor of the New York Billiard Table Company, Isadore Rutzisky.
In the year 1923, Samuel opened his own cue repair and ball turning business, Sam Blatt & Son. Located in Freehold, New Jersey, Samuel sold his one-piece cues to poolrooms, often salvaging their old cues for two-piece conversions, a common practice at that time. Ron Blatt recalled his Grandfather Samuel´s first shop as being a converted one-car garage behind the family residence where he would expertly turn ivory balls and also buckhorn ferrules. Ron´s memories include his grandmother´s refusal to let either of them back into the house until they had brushed all the white buckhorn shavings from their clothes. Samuel was one of the last craftsmen of buckhorn ferrules in his era. When he died in the early 1960s, a time when many were using fiber ferrules, Samuel had a pending order for 5000 buckhorn ferrules from Brunswick.
The family business that Samuel Blatt started as a small shop in 1923 grew in the early 1930s when his sons Mel and Maurice opened their own billiard store on Washington Avenue in New York City. A decade later, they went on to start the M. Blatt Company with a store located on Broad Street in Trenton, New Jersey. A short time after that, in 1946, they opened a second store at Blatt Billiards´ current location on Broadway in New York. It is the last surviving billiard company of that era in New York.
The Blatt Company continued to produce cues into the 1950s, employing a cuemaker who formerly served the Columbia Table Company also located (prior to its demise) on New York´s Bowery where Samuel got his start. Cues that were made by Blatt were never marked and were predominantly two-piece conversion cues crafted from house cues.
Presently, Blatt´s cuemaker is James Scott, a former employee of Palmer Cues, who still uses the original machines he ran when he worked for Palmer in Elizabeth, New Jersey. While he occasionally services the old Palmer cues that he built in the 1960s, James builds shafts and does cue repair work two days per week for Blatt´s retail customers. The company Samuel Blatt started in the1920s has thrived; its services are now worldwide and have graced many major tournaments including the U.S. Open Straight Pool Championships.
Today, Blatt Billiards is located at 809 Broadway. The six-floor factory and the showrooms house some of the finest antique, custom, and contemporary pool tables in the world. The Blatt workshops are staffed with artisans and cabinetmakers gathered from around the globe. They use skills and construction techniques of a bygone era to create tables of uncompromising quality and beauty. Several hundred constantly changing antique tables are always on display, and their ability to accurately and tastefully preserve the artistry and authenticity of these rarities is why Blatt Billiards is recognized as one of the foremost experts of antique tables.
The cue department has changed a little since the days of Sam Blatt. Because of their expertise in woodworking, Blatt has an extensive array of antique and custom cue racks on display. Snooker and three-cushion cues are available, and a full line of pool cues by today´s most popular companies are always in stock. This year, with the coming on board of Victor Stein, author of The Billiard Encyclopedia, Blatt Billiards has greatly expanded its custom cue section, and the inventory is ever-changing.

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