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Maker of pool cues from the 1870s to 1930s in New York.
Rieper Manufacturing was launched in the late 1800s and, at the turn of the century, was the leading American business committed solely to cue production. Rieper´s total output never reached Brunswick´s; however, the array and variety of cues that Rieper made accessible unquestionably rivaled Bruswick and perhaps exceeded it. Rieper´s catalogs presented multiple design variations and an assortment of styles. In excess of twenty inscribed butt designs were depicted and the corporation was able to produce an infinite quantity of patterns.
From a quality perspective, Rieper´s high end cues were considered to be top of the line. In an era when manufacturing procedures had reached a point where products could be produced mechanically in vast amounts, Rieper maintained use of traditional hand fashioning to adorn their cues. Rieper concentrated in custom pieces and was renowned for their "Trophy Cues" and additional distinctive creations for customers desiring an exceptionally unique product. Although Brunswick was more prominent and was unquestionably proficient in satisfying a customer request, Rieper specialized in it and elevated it further. During a period when cues lacked distinguishing marks or labels, one has to scrutinize these cues meticulously to differentiate them from Brunswick and other European manufacturers. After seeing a reasonable quantity of them, certain cues allude to the proper course. Some of the identifiers are the manner in which the base of the cue is finished and formed, bumper varieties, color, and thickness of veneers. Catalogs are usually beneficial; however, the central element is physical contact by handling several and evaluating them with recognized models. Since Brunswick published numerous catalogs and over an extended duration, don´t presume that every model 360 or nameless "Prize Cue" is a Brunswick. It may well be a Rieper.

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