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Maker of pool cues from 2000 to present in Marion, Iowa.
Michael Wagner, cuemaker and owner of Raven Custom Cues, has varied interests and aptitudes. From an early age, he immersed himself in the things that interested him. At age sixteen, he began to work at a local bowling alley that had a large poolroom. That is when his interest in pool playing really got started. While in college, Michael started playing golf and learned to scuba dive. Later, he owned a successful scuba diving business.
Michael was exposed to building as an art form while working on building sailing yachts in Galveston, Texas. He was an apprentice to men who had been woodworking since before Michael was born. Their use of tools and techniques, as well as the quality aspects of the work they were doing, would become part of the foundation for Michael´s cue building.
Michael was a golfer who built and repaired golf clubs for 27 years. That is where he honed his art of craftsmanship. There are far more similarities between golf clubs and pool cues than one might initially think. Each club has a look, a feel, a specific length, a specific weight and its own playing characteristics. It is one of a set and has to be matched to the others in the set as far as performance is concerned. By building golf clubs that fit his hands, physical build, swing and style of play, Michael significantly lowered his own handicap. He found he could do that for others as well.
Michael´s other passion was pool. He started to experiment with cues and found that he could make them play better, just as he had with golf clubs. He started RAVEN Custom Cues with the same goals in mind. Michael builds cues to fit the physical characteristics of the individual client. He tries to determine as much as he can about the client, taking into account their tastes as far as style is concerned.
He tries to determine their style of play, what games they play, their strengths and weaknesses as a player, and the areas they want to improve. Michael builds cues to fit the physique and preferences of different players. He uses different woods, different construction techniques, and different joint configurations to produce cues with a range of playing characteristics to choose from. Raven Custom Cues is a voting member of the American Cuemakers Association.
If you are interested in talking to Michael Wagner about a new cue or cue that needs to be repaired, you can contact him at Raven Custom Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.

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