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Maker of pool cues from 1980 to present in Richmond, Virginia.
David Hodges took a craftsman´s approach to his hobbies. A fishing enthusiast, he built his own custom rods and sold his work locally. It comes as no surprise that as a pool player, his fascination with design and workmanship led him to cuemaking. He began doing repair work for his friends in 1978 and within a year had built his first cue. By 1980, David was performing inlay work and improving the playability of his cues. He drew upon his rod building experience to develop a custom polymer finish and worked to establish a cue with the playability characteristics he sought.
In 1990, with more than a decade of cuemaking experience, David Hodges bought Parrot Cues from its founder, Charlie Flemming. Flemming had made only eight cues under the Parrot name but each is distinctly identifiable by its left-facing parrot logo. When David Hodges took over, the parrot was turned to face the right and serves as the best means of identification for his cues. The cues that David made prior to 1990 are signed on the forearm or bear "DH" on their butt cap. Also, between 1990 and 2001, David marked some of his cues that were offered for less than $1000 with "DH" on their butt caps.
Todd Elkins became interested in recreational pool while in his 20s. He began playing competitively in a local pool league and his curiosity in cuemaking began to grow. In 1996, he became an apprentice cuemaker to Parrot Cues. He worked closely with David Hodges and after five years of apprenticeship, bought Parrot Cues in 2001. David moved on to develop and market a revolutionary new pool table cloth cleaner known as Quick-Clean. David recalls with fondness his scrimshaw work done in the last years that he owned Parrot Cues; he engraved fewer than 100 cues.
Todd Elkins has continued in the tradition of quality cue building at Parrot and, under his craftsmanship, recent demand has been high. To meet his customer´s needs, Todd has recruited long-time friend Jeff Martin as a business partner. This has allowed him more time to spend on cue design and custom cue making. Parrot cues made by Todd Elkins after 2001 are distinct because of the date and his signature between the points or, as in the case of the hustler cues he makes today, the "TE" on the butt section.
If you have a Parrot cue that needs further identification or repair or would like to talk to Todd about ordering a new cue, contact Parrot Cues, listed in the trademark index.

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