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Maker of pool cues from 1994 to present in Cary, North Carolina.
Bill Stelzenmuller began playing pool in the mid-1980s, when age-related injuries drove him out of other sports he enjoyed. Because of his long-time hobbies of woodworking and furniture design. it didn´t take long before he got interested in cue repair and fabrication. Bill has a Master´s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He worked for IBM for 32 years before retiring in 1997.
Bill´s woodworking hobby took him into an unusual direction: that of designing and building magic illusions when his son had a 10-year fling with stage magic. Like pool cues, constructing magic illusions is tricky because the mechanisms must be smooth, reliable, silent and be activated by the slight bump of a knee or elbow. Also, like building a good pool cue, the feeling of accomplishment can be very rewarding when your creation performs flawlessly and the customer is pleased. Pool cues bring their own unique list of interesting design challenges. Vibrations, rattles, stability, balance, stiffness, and that ill-defined "feel of the hit" bring with them a myriad of design constraints that make every day interesting and unique.
Bill says the best part of the cuemaking business is meeting and working with the players who can be as colorful as the magicians who once frequented this same shop with their wish list of miracles. Evenings are spent playing pool and socializing with potential customers (marketing research).
Bill´s company name, One On One Cue Sticks, refers to "One craftsman building one cue at a time." All of Bill´s cues are made to order. All different types of popular joints, ferrules, tips, handles, etc. are available. Bill prefers a balance point that is 30% to 33% of the length of the cue from the butt. All cues are made by hand in Bill´s one-man shop without the aid of CNC.
The cue design is a two-part process. It begins with determining the physical characteristics of the cue. This is usually accomplished by hitting balls with a variety of demo cues. The customer is invited to play with cues of varying length, shaft and butt diameter, weight, balance point, shaft stiffness, and tip hardness. An alternative approach is to measure the size and characteristics of a cue that the customer already likes to play with. The second part of the design process is the artistic implementation of the physical design. A large variety of exotic woods and materials are available for the customer to design a look that suits his or her personality.
All One On One cues have Bill´s signature, the date of purchase, and the serial number engraved into the butt cap under the rubber bumper. All cues have a lifetime guarantee against defects that are not the result of abuse.
If you are interested in talking to Bill Stelzenmuller about a new cue or cue that needs to be repaired, you can contact him at One On One Cue Sticks, listed in the Trademark Index.

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