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Maker of pool cues from 1993 to present in Shreveport, Louisiana.
Jim Griffin started playing pool at the age of 12 at the old "Spot Club" in Shreveport, Louisiana. Eight years later, he joined the Marines, serving his country for 12 years. In 1991 he opened a lounge and resumed playing pool once again to keep his "bar box" (3 ½ by 7 ft. coin-operated table) busy. Eventually, Jim had eight "bar box" tables and one 4 ½ by 9 ft. table in his establishment, along with 30+ teams playing in various leagues.
Jim met an out-of-work cue builder who suggested that he buy a lathe and learn cuemaking. Jim´s appreciation for wood and woodworking made him think that he just might enjoy building cues. In 1993, he purchased a lathe and began learning the craft from a cuemaker who had been trained under both Richard Black and Bill Schick, and started Norwela Cues. The name Norwela (Nor-we-la) is a derivitive of North West Louisiana.
In 1999, Jim purchased all of the cuemaking equipment from what was once called "Its George" and set up a full-blown shop. He now has eight lathes, a pantograph, table saw, chop saw, scroll saw, two hand saws, buffer, rod sander, grinder, drill press, etc. No CNC! He has made several changes to the manner in which he was taught to make cues, which he believes have given his cues a superior hit. His "Dominoe Cue," or "The True Gamblers Cue" as he calls it, was built because Jim was told he could not do it!
Jim retired from his lounge/pool room business a few years ago and has been building cues full time since then. He has time to be more creative with his work, which keeps him active and out of his wife´s way.
Jim´s cues can be identified by the Norwela logo, the year it was finished, and "Jim Griffin" signature. He is a member of the International Cuemakers Association.
Jim will replace a defective shaft or cue as long as there is no evidence of abuse.
If you are interested in talking to Jim about a new Norwela cue or cue that needs to be repaired, you can contact him at Norwela Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.

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