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Maker of pool cues from 1983 to present in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
In the early 1980s, Paul Mottey was working as a public accountant from his own tax office. During the slow summer months, he worked as a construction contractor. Most evenings were reserved for his first love: playing pool. As Paul was one of the best players in the Pittsburgh area, he played in the pro tournaments when they were in the region.
One night in 1983 while playing pool after work, Paul decided that he could make a cue that was better than the one he was using. That year, he purchased the necessary equipment and started making cues as a hobby. He visited Gus Szamboti several times, and credits Gus and Dan Janes of Joss for their influences on his work. By 1984, Paul gave up construction work to start making cues full-time, while still doing accounting work during tax season.
Most of Paul´s cues, including the two-piece hustler cues he used to make, are easily recognizable by the "Paul F. Mottey" signature on the forearm along with the month and year, something he started in 1988. Cues made before this time are not signed, and some recent cues have "MOTTEY" on ivory butt caps instead. In 1995, four high-end custom cues had "PM" engraved on them. His one-of-a-kind high-end cues have had engraved ivory butt caps with "PM" in front of the Pittsburgh skyline since 1991, when the same logo appeared on his business card.
Several of Paul´s designs have been inspired by the late Gus Szamboti, with ivory inlaid propellers being a common theme. No confusion has been intended, however, as the designs are not exact copies. As a sure means of identification on an unsigned Mottey versus a Szamboti, the screw that holds the butt cap on a Mottey will be a 3/8-16, and on a Szamboti it will be a 5/16-18.
Paul´s first 15 or 20 cues had a 5/16-18 joint pin. Since then he has mostly stuck with a 5/16-14 piloted joint. A few cues have been made with Uni-Loc pins, and he will make a flat-faced 3/9-10 joint if the customer requests it.
Among Paul´s best known designs are the scrimshawed ivory cues he has collaborated on with artist Salman Rashidi. Many feature ivory handles serving as "canvases" for elaborate designs, such as "Sea World," "Butterflies and Flowers," "Samurai Warrior," and "Kwan Yin." He was one of the first cuemakers to do segmented leather wraps, and also to use lizard.
As a player, Paul believes that the feel of a cue is very important. He tries to make his cues feel like a solid piece of wood, with as smooth of a surface as possible from tip to butt. Paul makes all of the components in Mottey cues except for the tips, bumpers, and screws, which he has custom-made to his specifications.
Today, Paul wears yet another hat, as the proprietor of his own billiard room, "Breakers," since October of 2003. He plays on the Senior Tour when he can; he´s known by as many top pros as "Pittsburgh Paul" the pool player, and he is a highly regarded cuemaker. Paul currently spends most of his time making one-of-a-kind custom cues to the design and specifications of the customer. James White has been working with Paul since 1992; for the past several years he has also been making cues on his own.
Mottey cues are guaranteed indefinitely against manufacturing defects that are not the result of warpage or abuse. If you have a Paul Mottey cue that needs repair or further identification, or if you would like to talk to Paul about the design of a new one-of-a-kind custom cue, contact Mottey Custom Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.

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