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Maker of pool cues from 1994 to present in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
Mike Webb started playing pool in 1986. Just divorced, he joined the Army the same year. Mike had been working in a research and development machine shop in the textile industry. Mike worked as a lineman in the Army, climbing poles and hanging cable. He won "soldier of the year" honors within his platoon four out of five years served. After an honorable discharge Mike left the Army to raise his two children. It was that year, 1991, that Mike met Paul Drexler and became fascinated with pool cues. Mike started replacing tips at pool rooms by hand out of a tackle box that he carried. Mike idolized Paul Drexler and Dave Doucette of Samsara cues, and he tried to learn as much as could from conversations with both of them. He slowly advanced to more difficult repairs and began cutting new shafts for other cuemakers.
Mike would buy cues from players in the pool rooms so that he could take them home and cut them apart. He studied how different cues were constructed, weighted, tapered, etc., and by 1994 he made his first cue. About that time he started setting up at tournaments in the northeast and doing repairs. He learned what players liked about their cues and how materials and construction affected the hit. Mike believes he is good at playing with a cue and being able to make a cue with a similar hit.
Mike still sets up at tournaments doing repairs and he makes cues by hand in his one-man shop. He places the most importance on making cues that look and play the way the customer wants. "Quality is no accident" is Mike´s mission statement which he defines as his effort to create the best product possible, always keeping the customer and playability of the cues in mind. Every cue Mike creates he dedicates to his daughter Jamie and son Michael. Without their support he believes none of this could have been possible. Mike prefers the more traditional look and construction methods of the custom cues of the early 1970s. He makes his own short-splice blanks and he does inlays on a manual benchtop pantograph. There is no CNC equipment in his shop. There is a huge stock of exotic hardwoods and rock maple shafts hanging. He stocks his wood years in advance.
Mike makes small cuts on the shafts over the course of two years to achieve the final taper. He also has his own low-deflection shaft design. And Predator shafts are available for those who request them. Many different joints are available on a new Mike Webb cue at no extra cost. Joint protectors are standard. Mike makes everything in his cues except for the bumpers, tips, and screws. He has also made many of the tools in his shop, and he makes his own carbide mandrells. Mike would like to thank the following craftsmen for expanding his understanding of cue construction: Paul Drexler, Chris Hightower, Jeff Prather, Skip Tasker, Dan Janes. For linen wraps he thanks Ted Harris. For finishing he thanks Tony Scianella, Dan Dishaw, Paul Dayton, Leonard Bludworth, Tim Scruggs, Mike Cochran, Paul Mottey, and New Age Auto.
Mike Webb cues are easily identifiable by the name "Webb" which is engraved in the butt cap. Cues made from 1994 to 2001 are engraved in large letters. Cues made in 2001 or later are engraved in smaller letters. Mike Webb cues are warranteed for life against manufacturing defects that are not the result of warpage or abuse. Butts are warranteed for life against warpage to the original owner.
If you are interested in talking to Mike Webb about a new cue or a cue that needs to be repaired, you can contact him at Mike Webb Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.

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