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Line of pool cues made by Miki Co., a maker of pool cues in Tomioka-City, Japan from 1963 to present.
Yuji Miki, founder of Miki Company, was brought up in his father´s workshop. His father made traditional Japanese wooden products. Yuji became familiar with the various types and properties of wood at a young age. In 1960 he started making unfinished one-piece cues using a machine that he had constructed himself. He then sold the cues to another company to be finished. By 1963 he was making finished cues to be sold to a trading company doing business in the United States. Demand for his cues grew quickly. In order to keep up with the demand, Miki moved the factory to a larger building in the same city. Miki Company was producing 240,000 one-piece cues annually by this time.
In 1971 Miki Company signed a contract to produce cues exclusively for an American company. By the terms of the agreement, Miki could not sell any cues under its own name in Japan. In the late 1970s Miki was producing wood-screw carom billiard cues and snooker cues.
In the early 1990s the Japanese yen became very strong against other currencies and orders dropped off sharply. Miki and its American distributor severed their contract agreement.
In 1994 Yuki´s son joined Miki and started a campaign to take the company on a new path. Kazunori Miki recruited a network of distributors both in Japan and abroad. He developed unique designs and continued to develop methods of creating cues with excellent playability. Since then, the Mezz name has spread worldwide.
Mezz translates from Japanese to mean "something that is loved, something that is treasured." The Miki Company´s goal is to make cues that are treasured by players and collectors everywhere.
If you are interested in talking to someone about a new Mezz cue or cue that needs to be repaired, you can contact them at Mezz Cues, listed in the Trademark Index. J &
J America is the major distributor of Mezz cues in the USA; see Trademark Index for further information.

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