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Maker of pool cues from 1961 to 2001 in Sheffield, Massachusetts, now distributing imported cues, headquartered in New York, New York.
The Henry W.T. Mali & Co., Inc. was founded by Henry Williams Theodore Mali, a young immigrant from Verviers, Belgium. He had learned the billiard cloth business while working for the Iwan Simonis Company (founded in 1680). He was commissioned by Simonis to market their billiard cloth in the United States, and sailed 31 days to arrive in New York. He soon started The Henry W.T. Mali
& Co., Inc. in 1826. Later, he was joined by his much younger brother, Charles. They conducted business until around 1878. In 1898, they were joined by Pierre Mali, a young nephew whose father was the manager of the Simonis plant in Verviers. Mali eventually became one of the largest distributors of billiard cloth in the U.S. The company never made cues until 1961, when Fred Mali started cuemaking operations as an offshoot of the company.
Fred was the fifth generation of the Mali family to be involved in the business. He was exposed to woodworking as a boy in the shop at home where his father made things as a hobby. Fred attended Yale, where he majored in anthropology and history. He then went to Harvard Business School as a graduate student. After a year at Harvard, Fred was drafted into the U.S. Army, in 1953. Fred served his time in the U.S. and Paris, and, after being discharged, returned home to the family business. One of his first assignments was to go to Belgium to train at Simonis. He returned to apply his training to The Henry W.T. Mali & Co., Inc.
The Mali family spent much of their free time at a farm in Connecticut. It was there that Fred met Berkley Marchione, a farmer next door. Berkley was very mechanically inclined and was always fixing or improving the tractors or other farm equipment. Berkley also had a wood shop in his barn where he made odds and ends as a hobby. When one of Mali´s closest competitors stopped making wooden triangles, a large distributor asked Fred if he could produce them. Fred contacted Marchione, and soon the two were producing wooden triangles in Marchione´s barn. Soon afterwards, Bud Schmidt asked Fred if Mali could produce a line of cues. Before long, a line of cues was also being made under the supervision of Fred Mali and Berkley Marchione for the A.E. Schmidt Company in St. Louis. The cuemaking company was named Cuesport in 1965.
It was not long before Mali was marketing cues on his own. Constant improvements were made in the design and construction of Mali cues. In 1998, Peter Balner, formerly of Palmer in the sixties and seventies bought a stake in the company. Peter and Fred introduced a new line of Mali cues in 1999.
After closing Cuesport production, Mali began importing and distributing new lines of Mali cues in 2001. Fred Mali´s philosophy has always been to make a good cue at a good price. Mali cues are easily identifiable by the Mali emblem on the butt cap.
If you would like to order a new Mali cue, contact The Henry W.T. Mali & Co., Inc., listed in the Trademark Index.

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