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Maker of pool cues from 1987 to present in Navarre, Florida.
As a teenager growing up in Indiana, Rick Howard dreamed of being a professional bowler. He spent most of his free time in the local bowling alley. Soon after high school, Rick started playing pool at the bowling alley instead. He seemed to have a talent for the game and, before long, he was beating most of the local players. He hooked up with a top player, and soon the two were on the road together. They spent some time in Chicago in the early seventies, where Rick got to meet the top cuemakers in town at the time. It was then that he realized he wanted to make cues someday. Rick continued to play pool and eventually became an upper rank pro player.
In 1980, Rick moved to Florida and opened up a jet ski and para-sail business. The tourists kept him busy during the summer months and he kept playing pool during the winter. After a few years of this, Rick started accumulating some equipment and doing some cue repairs at the tournaments he played in.
Before long, Rick was out of the jet ski and para-sail business, and by 1987 he had made his first cue. The cues Rick made in the first year are all marked "Mace," a term he chose because it represents both a billiard implement and a medieval weapon. One year later, Rick introduced the Mace break-jump cue that has given him worldwide recognition. This 58 in. cue has a 5/16-18 screw, and breaks down to 45 in. for jumping balls. It was one of the first cues of its kind and is still available for $275 with one shaft. When he started producing this cue, Rick put the "Mace" logo on it and started signing all of his custom cues "R. Howard" on the forearms. Rick should not be confused with another Rick Howard, pro player David Howard´s brother, who has just begun making cues.
Today, Rick makes about 400 break-jump cues a year, with the help of a part-time worker. He also makes about 120 custom cues, entirely on his own. He makes all of the components of his cues except for the tips, bumpers, and screws. Mace Custom Cues usually have six points, with veneers offered as an option at $25 each. In 1998, Rick replaced the old 3/8-10 stainless screw with a 3/8-11 brass screw. All work is done by hand and inlays are done with a manual pantograph. Shafts are turned six times over the course of a year. Playability is stressed as the most important aspect of all Mace cues.
All Mace cues are guaranteed indefinitely against construction defects that are not the result of wrapage or abuse. If you have a Mace cue that needs further identification or repair, or would like to talk to Rick about ordering a new Mace cue, contact Mace Custom Cues by Rick Howard, listed in the Trademark Index.

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