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Maker of pool cues from 2000 to present in Mooreland, Oklahoma.
Steve Kornele grew up in the small town of Mooreland, Oklahoma with only 1000 residents. However, it was also the home of some great cuemakers, including Verl Horn and Dan, Jeff, and Daniel Prather. Steve developed a major interest in cues at the age of 16. He began spending most of his spare time in both of these cuemakers´ shops and learning all about cues over the years. At the age of only 17, he built his first personal cue. He worked on it in both cuemakers´ shops and finished it with the ivory that Verl had given him. It was a great ebony and ivory cue with elaborate decorative ringwork, ivory inlays, points, joint and ferrules. Steve continued his interest in cues while he went to college, coming home every weekend just to learn more about cuemaking. He would take his custom cue with him to the pool halls at college and was amazed at how the other players admired the cue. In 2001, Steve moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas where he teamed up with Greg Willingham, who had worked with Verl Horn for several years. They began building cues bearing the name WW Cues. After a year and a half, Steve moved back to his hometown. Not long after his move, he realized that his love for building cues would never fade. He built a new shop and began building his own custom cues with the signature or "KORNELE" and the year of completion handwritten on the forearm of his cues. Steve builds a variety of styles in his cues. He uses traditional hand-milled, short-spliced points in all of his cues. Most of his cues have intricate CNC inlays or hand-milled windows in the butt sleeve. The standard cue has a 3/8-10 flat-faced joint. Steve also builds cues with a piloted stainless steel joint, on request. His high end cues incorporate ivory joints, points, inlays, dash rings, ferrules and buttcaps. Steve feels very fortunate to make a living at what he loves to do.
If you are interested in talking to Steve about a new cue or cue that needs to be repaired, you can contact him at Kornele Custom Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.

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