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Maker of pool cues from 1987 to 2001 to Colorado Springs and 2001 to present in Pueblo, Colorado.
David Kikel started woodworking at the age of five, when he made a crude birdhouse. He has played pool since the age of seven, when his father put a pool table in the basement of the family home in Pueblo, Colorado. He furthered his interest in woodworking while still in school. He later worked in the custom framing business, advancing to custom woodworking in high-end homes and restoring antique furniture. David continued to play pool, winning the Colorado Springs city championships many times, and placing fourth in a BCA national eight-ball tournament.
During this time, Bill Stroud was living in Colorado Springs, and the two became friends. David played with a Joss West cue that Bill had custom made for him, and David became interested in cuemaking. During a very bad winter, which slowed down his home construction work, David bought a lathe and started doing cue repairs. His first cues were one-piece house cues that he cut down into hustler cues. He then made eight or nine custom cues using blanks that were given to him by Bill. Soon, he was making his own cues from scratch, even making his own hustler cues, with inlaid points.
Since then, David has changed his shaft taper six times, and the butt taper four times, for better playability, which is his primary concern. He has developed his own wood-to-wood joint that softens the hit. David tries to make his two-piece cues hit like one-piece cues. Kikel cues are easily identifiable by the stylized "KQ" logo with a square san sarif "Q" that has been rotated 45 degrees, which appears on all of David´s cues. Early logos were cut by hand, but now he uses a pantograph. Today, David makes less than 100 cues per year in his shop in Colorado Springs, with one every year being for his own collection.
He prides himself on execution, with extremely clean inlays, finish, and wraps being very important to him. David´s cue, "Imperial Inspiration" with over 1,200 inlays won the silver medal at the 1998 Gallery of American Cue Art in New York City. David says it was one of the most difficult cues he has ever done. Other examples of David´s high end work have appeared in magazines like Playboy and Maxim.
His most basic cue has four points, as cues without points are no longer available. Three-point cues were available in the past. David makes everything except for the bumpers, tips, and screws, and all work is done by hand, without the aid of CNC. He finishes the cues with a conversion varnish, which is safer than many of the commonly used synthetic finishes. All high end Kikel cues feature ivory ferrules as standard.
At present, David prefers to use the radial pin or the 5/16-14 piloted joint. In the past, David has used a standard 3/8-10, and a 5/16-18 joint. In 1998, David developed a unique flat faced 3/8-10 Stub ACME joint which he used and with only 25 thousandths of an inch in depth to the thread pattern, it has virtually complete surface contact between the screw and the shaft. This joint was available without collars for even more wood-to-wood contact. Now he no longer uses that joint at all. Resin-impregnated wood ferrules are available on request, and the standard ferrule is melamine.
Kikel cues are guaranteed indefinitely against construction defects that are not the result of warpage or abuse. If you have a Kikel cue that needs further identification or repair, or would like to talk to David about the design of a new cue, contact Kikel Custom Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.

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