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Maker of pool cues starting in 1997 in Lexington, Kentucky.
Greg Wilson and Matt Laughter became friends when Matt started working for Greg at Steepleton´s Billiards in Lexington, Kentucky in 1992. Both had a background in billiards, liked to play pool, and had a love for fine cues. They bought and sold cues at Steepleton´s, and both had cues of their own. They learned what they liked about the playability of different types of cues and the different makers that created them. Since they had a market for cues, and had strong opinions about how they should be made, Greg and Matt decided to make cues on their own.
They chose the name Kaizen, a Japanese word that describes when something is done right, and completed their first cue in 1997. Neither had a background in any type of woodworking, so they taught themselves with the help of many long phone conversations with cuemakers Mike Bender and Joe Gold. Playability was always their primary concern, so construction techniques that resulted in a solid hitting cue were more important than decoration. Kaizen cues had little or no inlay work and all work was done by hand. Most cues had no points, and they were so particular about the consistency of their spliced blanks, that they selected only the finest examples to use on their cues.
Early Kaizen cues had 3/8-10 stainless steel joint screws, and in 1998 they switched to a 3/8-11 titanium screw. The name Kaizen was laser cut into the base of the screw for identification. Although they had a linen phenolic joint, Kaizen cues tended to be forward balanced. Preferred woods included bird´s-eye maple, fiddle-back maple, goncolo alves, and cocobolo. Each cue was crafted to the specifications of the individual customer, and then received at least eight coats of urethane finish. Greg and Matt were very proud of the appearence of the final product. The current status of Kaizen cues is unknown.

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