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Maker of pool cues from 1975 to present in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Jerry Pechauer began playing pool at the age of seventeen. He quickly became known as one of the better pool players in his hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin. In 1960, he began working for the International Harvester Company, and started to learn about the business world. Jerry spent four years there as an apprentice truck mechanic, where he learned many of his mechanical skills. He repaired a Willie Hoppe cue in the basement of his home in 1963, and began making cues as a hobby in 1965. His son, Joseph, made his first cue at the age of 12, and soon they were both taking evening and weekend shop classes to perfect their skills and equipment. Cuemaking was a hobby that began to take over Jerry´s basement and two-car garage with machinery and cue parts.
In 1975, Jerry left his sales job at International Harvester to found J. Pechauer Custom Cues. Jerry and Joe began designing much of the equipment they use to make cues, including one of the most sophisticated tapering machines in the industry. This machine allows them to custom taper shafts to suit each customer´s preference, and store the dimensions in memory so they can be used again. Because of these machining skills, all parts are made in house, including stainless steel and duralite joints, ferrules, weight screws, joint screws, inserts, butt caps, etc. All parts on J. Pechauer cues are threaded on, and the only metal screws are the joint screw and weight screw. The three sections of the butt are joined by threaded wood tenons.
The "snow white" shaft wood used on J. Pechauer cues is recognized as among the best in the industry. In the past, Jerry has sold excess wood to many of the top custom cuemakers. The quality of this wood is dependant on the way it is selected, cut, dried, stored, machined, and finished. Jerry makes at least a half a dozen trips to forests in the U.S. and Canada to pick out high grade veneer, bird´s-eye, and curly maple logs from log yards. He will not buy from sawmills, because they don´t have the best wood, and they are not properly cut for cuemaking purposes. They start with logs, cut them on their own saw mill, then dry the lumber in their own special kiln.
It would be impossible for the two of them to do all of this work on their own, so they developed a custom shop. Now, employees machine parts, cut logs, and rough cut blanks, allowing Jerry and Joe the time necessary to be more creative and do the final detail work. Jerry´s wife, Karen, also plays a major role in the day-to-day operations of the business.
Today, there are two lines of J. Pechauer cues. The less expensive J.P. Series cues had 3/8-10 flat-faced Implex joints until 1996, when the joints were changed to 5/16-14, and are marked "JP" on the butt cap. The more expensive Pro Series cues had 5/16-14 piloted stainless steel joints and are hand-signed with "J. Pechauer" on the forearm. In 2003, the patented "Pechauer Precision Self Aligning Speed Joint" (Patent Number 6-582-317) became standard on both series of cues. Custom designed cues are also available by special order.
Jerry has designed very nice cue display racks for cue dealers made by a top cabinet maker. These are lighted and ventilated with a fan to release heat to protect the cues. They hold 12 cues behind glass sliding doors, and have extra room for cases and accessories behind glass. More cues can be stored in lower drawers. These custom furniture-quality display racks are beautiful for displaying cue collections, and are available in oak- or mahogany-stained maple.
J. Pechauer cues are guaranteed indefinitely against construction defects that are not the result of abuse. If you have a J. Pechauer cue that needs repair, or you would like to talk to Jerry or Joseph about ordering a new cue, contact J. Pechauer Custom Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.

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