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Maker of pool cues from 1992 to present in Savannah, Georgia.
As a young boy, Keith Josey began his woodworking journey by helping out in his father´s shop. His father started as a machinist and evolved into a custom home builder with a reputation for being a perfectionist. Keith is also a perfectionist in his cuemaking, after having grown up around this attitude about one´s work performance. Keith, his father, and his four brothers would often play pool at a local billiard room after working all day. This is where Keith developed his passion for the game. His wife, Sherri, also enjoyed playing pool several times a week, for many years.
Keith went to the local pool hall repair shop for ferrule and tip replacement jobs. He was very disappointed in the work they did, as it was nowhere near the quality and service he was used to. Keith decided to start his own repair business, with quality service and high standards as his goal. It wasn´t long before fellow league players were asking Keith to do their repairs. With the help of his father-in-law, he bought the necessary equipment in 1988 and started Josey Cue Repairs. Keith discovered that he really loved working on cues. His creativity began to develop, and in a couple of years, he made his first cue. Local players were very impressed with the quality of his first cue, and they insisted he build cues for them. In 1992, Josey Custom Cues was created. Keith has been making custom cues, one at a time, by hand, in his one-man shop ever since. Keith is the only person who touches each cue from start to finish.
All of Keith´s cues have been hand-signed "Josey," sometimes followed by the year, for easy identification. Keith went to a slimmer joint and butt diameter in 1994 to improve playability, which is the most important aspect of his cues. Keith makes every component except for the tips, bumpers, and joint pins. Inlays were done on a small pantograph, until late 1998, when he purchased a CNC machine. This new CNC machine has allowed Keith to create more elaborate point and inlay designs. He is no longer limited to simple straight point cues. He likes to use exotic hardwoods as the base wood, as well as a variety of materials such as mother-of-pearl, ivory, stones, and contrasting exotic hardwoods for the points and inlays. Keith´s capped ferrules used to be made from cut up phenolic resin cue balls until he was able to purchase the same phenolic material in rod form. He liked phenolic resin because of the hit, and because chalk stains wiped away easily. Sometime in 1999, he changed to linen phenolic (or melamine) instead because it provides a phenominal hit as well as durability. In 2000, Keith switched from a 5/16-14 piloted stainless steel joint to his current flat-faced phenolic radial pin joint which threads into the shafts with precision. The ferrules, collars, and butt caps all thread on for more secure construction.
Keith´s cues have a forward balance with a solid stiff hit which allows for less deflection. He turns his shafts many times over a six-month period, dipping them in a wood stabilizer after each turning. Spliced cues often sit for a month or more, to ensure stability and guard against warpage. Keith´s attention to detail in the finishing and wrapping process are exceptional, and add that final touch to a real piece of functional artwork.
In 1996, Keith established his first dealer relationship with Jun Shimizu, who quickly spread Josey Custom Cues all over Japan. Since then, his cues have been very popular in other Asian countries as well. Keith is located near several military bases in Georgia, and Josey Cues have become popular with local servicemen. They have taken cues with them on different tours, generating orders for Josey Cues from around the world.
Keith currently specializes in floating point custom cues with a "medieval" motif as well as straight point custom designs. Josey Custom Cues are made to the customer´s specifications. Keith is able to offer unlimited cue designs, thanks to Mr. Tim Lilik of Indiana, who has been a CNC machine code writer and point designer for Keith since 1999. Keith´s wife, Sherri, handles all the business transactions for Josey Custom Cues.
Josey cues are guaranteed against construction defects that are not the result of warpage or abuse. If you have a Josey cue that needs further identification or repair, or would like to talk to Keith or Sherri about ordering a new Josey cue, contact Josey Custom Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.

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