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Maker of pool cues from 1998 to present in Bayside, New York.
Born in 1969, son of Angela and Edward Franke, 6th generation born in the USA, Joseph Franke acquired his mechanical skills from his father, being not only a perfectionist, but truly enjoying his craft as well. He began to build and fly radio control aircraft in the 1980s. After learning to build extremely lightweight and precision aircraft, he began competing which led him to three national tournaments.
Joseph´s father is an avid golfer earning a hole-in-one in 1996 at Clearview Golf Course. Joseph learned the game quickly from his dad. Being a natural athlete, he earned many medals and trophies during his school days and, with his excellent hand-to-eye coordination, Joseph continues excelling in this popular game of golf.
Joseph became acquainted with players at local pool halls and soon found himself engrossed in the game and became interested in the tournaments that were being held. However, one night in particular, when a big tournament was in progress, after studying the players and admiring the winner, Joseph finally found his true passion. He took the game extremely seriously and practiced very diligently on a continuous basis. Learning from local top players, he caught on relatively fast and displayed an enormous talent and love for the game.
Through the years he played with many different cues. While searching for the "perfect cue" he initially began doing repairs for himself as well as for other players. Finally, he stumbled upon a Brunswick-Willie Hoppe Titlist cue. After studying the design and the performance, he began to convert these one-piece house cues into beautiful two-piece custom cues.
His determination to devise a method to make a cue that hit like no other was to be the fulfillment of his dreams. He searched out and began purchasing exotic woods. Joseph believed the older the wood and the dryer the wood the more perfect the cue.
Realizing the full splice cue was extremely solid, he wanted to take on the challenge of making a full splice custom cue from scratch. Talking to many other custom cue builders, he could not gather much information about such a sophisticated splice. The cuts must be perfect in order to have the points the same length. Nevertheless, with this knowledge, he eagerly pursued his vision of achieving the best quality cue his God-given talents could provide until he reached the pinnacle and mastered his goal.
Joseph has admired the different cues he sees at tradeshows. The fancy inlays many custom cue makers use today are very impressive. However, he still prefers the simplicity and performance of the classics-Balabushka and Szamboti, etc.-and his love of the game continues to grow. He enjoys using the rails for position play as well as many other aspects of the game. His cues can be identified by his own design construction, 3/8-11 brass pin, and "JOSEPH" signed along the point. His shafts are hand selected, aged, and dipped, to be a great match along with his full splice cues.
Joseph Full Splice Cues are guaranteed for life against construction defects that are not the result of warpage or abuse to the original owner. If you are interested in talking to Joseph Franke about a new cue or cue that needs to be repaired, you can contact him at Joseph Full Splice Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.

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