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Maker of pool cues from 1981 to present in Edmond, Oklahoma.
John Guffey learned to play pool while growing up in Oklahoma City. After high school, John became well-known in the Oklahoma area as a road and tournament player. John met a new cuemaker in 1975, while on the road in Texas, and spent some time with him learning the basics of the craft. After a few months, he left Texas to go on the road to Florida with "St. Louis" Louie Roberts. He loved the sport, but became tired of the player´s lifestyle, so he decided to run a pool room for a while back home in Oklahoma City.
Approximately one year later, in 1979, John told Jimmy Ingram that he would be interested in buying out his cuemaking business when he chose to retire. Soon after that, Jimmy took him up on his offer, and taught John everything he needed to know about making cues as part of the deal.
John finished his first cue in 1981, and has been making cues ever since. The first seven cues John made had "John Guffey" burned into them, and the first three cues were numbered. John stopped doing both because he did not like the way it looked. Early John Guffey cues have six point blanks that were made by Burton Spain, and today John prefers to use eight point blanks on his own cues. John Guffey custom cues are all one-of-a-kind, and although the 3/8 in. joint is standard, he will make any common type joint the customer wants. John prefers engineering his cues to play well over the cosmetics aspect of cuemaking. His cues have been gaining popularity in Europe and Asia, as well as in the United States.
In 1986, John wrote to the Texas Billiard News about an article that he disagreed with, which led to his own column with the publication, titled "Trade Secrets." John has since written well over 100 articles which have appeared in The Snap, The National Billiard News, The American Cueist, The Player, etc. With all the articles that have appeared in these and other publications, John is one of the most widely read instructional writers in the sport. He is currently working on compiling and rewriting all of his articles into an instructional book. John still plays in tournaments when he can, and is a BCA-certified instructor.
Since 1997, John has been making John Guffey Custom Cues part time in a one-man shop behind his home. He has slowed down to about ten hustlers a year and about a half dozen custom cues a year. He also works full time in the furniture business. In the late nineties, he also marketed J.G. Custom Cues, which were made by Viking to his specifications. Although John´s earlier custom cues are not marked, they now have "John Guffey" in script on the forearm, and the J.G. Custom Cues have a JG logo on the butt cap.
John offers a money-back guarantee, immediately after arrival, on new cues that the customer is not completely satisfied with, and John will indefinitely repair all construction defects that are not the result of warpage or abuse. If you have a John Guffey cue that needs identification or repair, or would like to talk to John about ordering a new custom cue, contact John Guffey Custom Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.

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