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Maker of pool cues from 1985 to present in Canoga Park, California.
Joe Porper grew up around a machine shop. With a father who was a machinist, Joe learned how to build things at a very early age. He also liked to play pool. As an adult, Joe continued to make things. He restored cars and built props for magicians, among other things. He also continued to play pool, and he eventually purchased a beautiful custom cue from Bert Schrager. He wanted a special case for this cue, but could not find what he wanted. So, he designed and built his own case for the cue. Whenever he went into pool halls, other players would try to buy that case. Soon, he was building other examples for his friends.
Before long, the Porper cue case became one of the hottest selling products in the billiard industry. Unfortunately, Joe never patented the design, so the market became flooded with cheap, imported copies. Always coming up with new ideas, Joe designed a new piloted pool cue joint with the step in the butt instead of in the shaft. He had his friend, Jerry Franklin, build him a cue with this joint design. He liked it so much that he decided to start using the joint in cues that he would make himself.
The Joe Porper cue was introduced in 1985. From the beginning, Joe stressed playability in his cues. To this day, Joe believes that cuemakers should be good players, so they at least know how a good cue should hit. He also believes that designs are limitless, so no one should have to copy other people´s work. Joe is always coming up with new ideas for original designs, of which he makes only one, or occasionally two examples. He strives for all Porper cues to have a unique look. All inlay work is done by hand on a pantograph, without the aid of a CNC mill. Although most of his points are floating, so they must be pantographed, Joe also makes short-spliced forearms, if the customer desires.
Joe Porper cues made between 1985 and 1994 are easily identifiable by the "Porper" logo on the butt cap. In 1994, Joe started using a stylized "J.P." instead, which remains to the present. In the summer of 1996, Joe started marking a completion date and serial number on an identification plate under the bumper of all subsequently made Joe Porper cues. A year later he moved into a bigger and more modern facility. He changed his joint from a silver plated 5/16-18 thread screw to a radial pin in 1999.
Recently Joe has been experimenting with a new technique for creating points from exotic stones such as jasper, agate, tiger iron, and lapis. He has also been using exotic hides from snakes and lizards for points and inlays. Most cues are one-of-a-kind and Joe is always coming up with new and different ideas. His scrimshawed buffalo horn, ivory, and sterling silver "Ballad of Blues" cue won the People´s Choice Award at the 1999 Gallery of American Cue Art in New York.
Porper cues still feature the softer hitting reverse piloted concave cone joint that screws into a linen phenolic insert in the shaft. Another one of Joe´s new developments is his laminated "Lama" tip that is standard on all of his cues, or can be purchased separately. Laminated leather wraps, a Joe Porper original, is available on Joe Porper cues only. He also markets a line of lathes specifically designed for cuemakers. Lately Joe has slowed down on making cues to further persue the design and construction of magicians´ props.
Joe Porper cues are guaranteed indefinitely to the original owner against construction defects that are not the result of warpage or abuse. If you have a Joe Porper cue that needs further identification or repair, or would like to talk to Joe about ordering a new Joe Porper cue, contact Joe Porper´s Creative Inventions listed in the Trademark Index.

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