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Maker of pool cues since 1993 in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.
James Spach was born in Illinois and grew up on a farm in Wisconsin. He had never even heard of pool until he joined the Navy in the early sixties. Working as a radio man, he played pool as often as he could. When he left the Navy, he settled in South Carolina and started servicing computers for NCR. James continued to play pool and also made custom furniture in his wood shop as a hobby. He was unable to find anyone that could do basic cue repair to his satisfaction, so he started doing his own. Soon, all of his pool-playing friends were asking him to do repairs for them, too. Before long he bought a lathe and, by 1980, he began making two-piece hustler cues out of one-piece house cues. His nickname was Whitey, and since these cues were unmarked, people started calling them Whitey Cues.
In 1988, after 23 years with the company, James left NCR to open a pool room and make hustler cues. James wanted to start making fancier cues, but he did not think Whitey was an appropriate name for the company. In 1993, he started the Hurricane Cue Company, named after the hurricanes that are common to South Carolina. James made fewer than 300 cues per year in his small shop with the help of two part-time workers. Most were jump/break cues. They made all components of the cues except for the tips, bumpers, and screws, with playability being the primary concern. James tried hard to keep the prices down, so ivory was never used. All Hurricane cues were marked with the Hurricane logo on the butt caps. A variety of designs, joint types, and specifications could be custom ordered. It is rumored that Hurricane is no longer in South Carolina.

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