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Maker of pool cues from 1974 to present in Linn, Missouri.
Paul Huebler comes from a family with a history of woodworking. Paul´s grandfather was a cabinet maker in the Linn, Missouri area.
The youngest of eight children, Paul had an interest in billiards. Unfortunately, a serious auto accident at a young age kept him from becoming a player. However, it did not stop him from owning a room and sponsoring numerous tournaments.
Paul worked for the A.E. Schmidt Company, a manufacturer of billiard supplies in St. Louis, and became the national sales representative. He saw a market for quality cues, and started Huebler Industries in his home town of Linn, Missouri in the 1970s.
Huebler cues are usually marked on the butt cap. Those cues that are not marked are easily identifiable by a nylon insert in the shaft, which the joint screw threads into. Although several other cue manufacturers have switched to inlaid points, Huebler cues are still spliced. As Paul Huebler loves the game of chess, chess pieces have been common inlay themes. Various cross configurations are also common. Paul is proud that Huebler Industries makes all of the components that go into their cues. They even make the full splices for their hustler cues instead of just adding a joint to an existing one-piece, which allows them to offer these cues in rosewood or ebony.
Now that Paul is in his late seventies he has slowed down production of Huebler cues. He sells only on his website and through established Huebler dealers. Paul is proud of the work of the cuemakers he has on his staff, many of whom have been working for him for many years. Paul still offers custom cues, and he personally overseas their construction. Huebler cues continues to sponsor the Valley National Youth Eight ball Tournament, which he has done for over fifteen years.
Huebler also sells a line of custom cases that range in price from $85 to $424.50. If you have a Huebler cue that needs repair, or would like to order a new cue, contact Huebler Industries Inc., listed in the Trademark Index.

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