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Maker of pool cues 1987 to present in Lake Charles, Louisiana.
Gary Medlin was an excellent pool player who started doing cue repairs in the mid-1970s. He opened a pool room with long-time friend Freddie Wherland in the 1980s, and worked on all kinds of cues there. Gary needed a new cue, and after reassembling so many of the top cues on the market he decided he would rather make his own cue than have someone else do it. Gary and Freddie decided to put a shop in the back of their room and make cues, and Gary went to machinist school at night and experimented with cuemaking during the day. Early Gem cues were simple hustlers, then they graduated to plain maple cues with wraps and stainless steel joints. Gary spent hours on the phone with cuemakers he respected. After a couple of years they sold the room and Gary chose to make Gem cues full time.
By 1990 Gary was making more complex custom cues that he was very proud of. Today he makes almost 100 cues a year by hand in his one-man shop. Gary makes everything in a Gem cue except for the tip and bumper. He prefers to use a 5/16-14 stainless steel joint but will make a 3/8-10 flat-faced joint if the customer chooses. Gem cues are easily identifiable by "Gem" in script engraved into the butt cap and can be encountered with "GEM" followed by the diamond logo under a clear plastic window in the butt sleeve.
Gem Cues are guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects that are not the result of warpage or abuse. If you have a Gem cue that needs further identification or repair, or would like to order a new Gem cue, contact Gem Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.

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