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Maker of pool cues from 1982 to 1991 in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Allentown.
Frank Coster was a tool and die maker for Western Electric in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He enjoyed playing checkers and pool as a hobby, and was a member of an Allentown pool league team. Frank retired from Western Electric in 1981, after more than thirty years of work there. One year later, in 1982, he made his first cue. Frank did all of his work by hand in his one-man shop. He blueprinted all of his designs and inlays.
Coster cues most often encountered will have bird´s-eye maple forearms and butt sleeves with Irish linen wraps. Frank sold many of his cues out of Jordan Lanes in Allentown, the home base for his pool league team. He priced them for the local league players, charging relatively little compared to comparably skilled cuemakers of the time. Although he loved to make fancy cues, only about 10% of Coster cues encountered will be fancy, and these cues demand a premium. Fancy Coster cues often were decorated with very intricate ivory inlays shaped like gears. He always put inlays at the tips of the points.
People who knew Frank remember the shop he had in his basement where he hung hundreds of pieces of wood to age for years, dating each one when he put it up. He had a nine-foot Brunswick Gold Crown in his shop and many trophies he had won in pool and checker tournaments. Frank was very well liked by the people for whom he made cues, one of them being Allen Hopkins. Friends remember him as a quiet man who was very precise and neat. He finished his last cue in April of 1991. Frank died one month later on May 12.
Coster cues were not marked, but are identifiable by their unique designs and flat faced joint with a brass insert in the shaft. If you have a Frank Coster cue that needs further identification or repair, contact Hercek Fine Billiard Cues or Szamboti Cues Inc., listed in the Trademark Index.

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