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Maker of pool cues from the late sixties to the early seventies, in Chicago, Illinois.
Eddie Laube was a tool and die maker who also enjoyed the game of pool. He started making cues in the sixties, and made his own full-spliced blanks, usually with five veneers. He patented a unique brass-to-brass joint, which he used exclusively for his pool cues.
Eddie Laube cues are easily identifiable by the "Eddie Laube" trademark with the patent number, which will appear under a plastic window in the butt sleeve. Eddie also patented an original design for adjusting the balance point. This involved a brass weight in the hollow forearm, which was threaded onto a screw that could be turned from the butt. People that visited Eddie remember the talking parakeet that he had in his shop and was very proud of.
About 1973, Eddie sold his equipment to Frank Stellman, known as "Sailor," and retired to Arizona. If you have an Eddie Laube cue that needs further identification or repair, contact Deno Andrews, listed in the Buy, Sell, Trade Index.

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