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Maker of pool cues from 1965 to 1985 in Marshfield, Wisconsin.
Hubert "Hubs" Eckes was working in the roofing and siding business in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the early sixties, when he bought a pool table for the family home. He was dissatisfied with the construction of the table, so he rebuilt it. When the project was finished, he realized that he could make a better product at a better price.
So in 1962 he started the Custom Craft Pool Table Co. in Milwaukee. After three successful years in the billiard industry, Eckes came to the conclusion that it would be much easier for him to make pool cues. In 1965, he returned to his hometown of Marshfield, Wisconsin to start Eckes Cue Inc. Although he had only an eighth grade education, he was very proficient at machine work, making his own machine, and patenting at least one of his cue construction techniques. The company soon became very successful. With his daughter and two teenage sons working for him, he was able to produce 7,000 cues in one year. He eventually was wholesaling cues to pool halls in all 50 states.
Although most Eckes cues are unmarked, they are easily identifiable to those who know what they look like. The most distinctive feature encountered will be a colored nylon wrap with rows of black stripes wound in. Maple, ebony, and rosewood were the woods primarily used, and Eckes cues were rarely inlaid. Some cues had pearlized plastic rings at the joints and butt caps. Those cues that were marked were from the Magnum line of cues and were marked "MAGNUM" on the butt caps.
In 1985, Eckes retired, and auctioned off the equipment from his shop. Although every cue he made sold for under $20 wholesale, Hubs Eckes was very influential in the development of Wisconsin cuemaking. His innovations in customizing machinery for cuemaking are in cuemakers´ shops around the country. Today, Eckes and Magnum cues are encountered across the United States. If you have an Eckes cue that needs further identification or repair, contact Jacoby Custom Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.

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