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Maker of pool cues from 1972 to 1990 primarily on his own, from 1990 to 1996 with Omega/dpk, and from 1993 to present in Chicago, Illinois.
David Paul Kersenbrock has had a fascination with physics for as long as he can remember. He learned to play pool, and became an excellent player, while growing up in a small town in Wyoming. After serving in Vietnam, David settled in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 1972, David decided to use his knowledge of physics to try to create the perfect pool cue. He experimented with different designs and construction techniques before settling on what he believed was best. He started the Kersenbrock Cue Service later that year. Instead of following the trend of stainless steel piloted joints with stainless screws, David designed a flat-faced phenolic joint with a longer brass 3/8-11 screw. David´s joint was thinner and lighter than other cues, which meant that the cue was not as forward heavy as other cues. His taper was a parabolic curve from the tip to the butt, making for a very stiff hit, with minimal cue deflection. For inlay work, David developed an optical pantograph, which allows him to artistically freehand his inlays instead of tracing them from a pattern.
In 1976, David made a cue for Jerry Franklin, an accounting student at U.N.L.V., in exchange for repairs to David´s car. Soon the two were making cues together based on David´s cuemaking philosophy. In 1978 David relocated briefly to Arizona and then to Caliente, Nevada. He worked alone in a stone walled structure he built himself. By 1981, when Jerry Franklin opened his shop as South West Cues in Las Vegas, David began sending fancy inlayed cues for shafts and finish work. David´s engineering genius contributed to the setup of the South West shop. Many of the Kersenbrock visual traits were incorporated by South West as well. As a result, many South West cues over the years have been sold as Kersenbrock cues. After David left South West in 1988, he moved around the west coast, making cues in Van Nuys, Caliente, Phoenix, and even in L.A. working for Bert Schrager. He was in none of these locations for more than a year, and eventually settled in Chicago where he currently lives and works.
David´s innovations have inspired many of the current generation of cuemakers. He can be credited with reinventing the cuemaking process and some of his machine designs and jigs are ubiquitous in the cuemaking industry. His cues have also become very desirable by collectors and bring top dollar in the market. Although Kersenbrock cues can be difficult to identify, except for the cues David has signed, David believes he can identify virtually every cue he ever made if he can look at it. He has written a manual on cuemaking, which is rather difficult to obtain and has become sought after by many cuemakers and cue collectors. In 1990, David joined Omega/dpk, and built a handful of one-of-a-kind custom Omega cues every year until 1996.
Since 1993, David has been teaching his techniques to Chicago cuemaker Ed Young, and making about six to ten very fancy cues a year. Each cue comes with a certificate of authenticity, and many include a photo of David working on the cue. If you have a Kersenbrock cue that needs further identification or repair, contact Ed Young Custom Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.

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