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Maker of pool cues from 1998 to present in Lynnwood, Washington.
Dave Jones started playing pool for kicks at his neighbor´s house when he was just twelve, thus garnering a life-long love of the sport. During his formative years, Dave had the rare opportunity to work after school alongside his father. His father´s little auto body shop turned out several show cars and was known for standards exceeding the competition. In his teen years, Dave was hired by the late Stan Baker, to work in his gun shop. A nationally known gunsmith, Stan was a perfectionist and had high expectations for the young teen. The relationship proved fruitful and Dave is forever grateful for the opportunity to work with such an innovator. Unlike his co-workers, Dave was not into the sport of shooting. Working as a gunsmith was simply a way to fund his budding interest in enduro, motorcycle racing. With several wins and high place finishes under his belt, it only made sense that he move on and work at A.J. Mazuko´s Yamaha shop.
Dave´s hobbies have always included building things. In the 1980s, he became involved in sprint car racing, becoming a crew chief. All of these accomplishments have contributed to Dave´s knowledge and know-how.
In 1998, Dave and friend Bill Webb decided to try their hand at cuemaking. Bill had been making point blanks and collecting exotic woods for a while and together they decided to make a go of it. In 1999, Bill relocated to Arkansas, and their partnership dissolved. Dave then re-outfitted his shop. He designed and built a four-axis CNC just for the manufacturing of cues. He also designed and built two table saw machines, one for shafts and one for the handle of the cue. Thus, Dave Jones Custom Cues was born.
The exposure Dave has had to local craftsmen has led him to be somewhat of an innovator himself. Through his lack of exposure to customary cue making methods, he unwittingly came up with what he thought were innovations. He later learned that these techniques were being used by other cue makers already. After having some enlightening conversations with friends, like Cole Dickson, Dave was able to apply new processes to the construction of his cues. He has developed techniques that he believes give his cues the balance and solid hit that complements the player.
Dave has been making cues for eight years and hopes to eventually retire from his municipality job to make cues full time. He has worked hard to build a reputation for customer satisfaction.
All Dave Jones Custom Cues are numbered and come with a complete specification sheet. They are guaranteed to the original buyer against warpage for one year, and workmanship defects that are not the results of warpage or abuse, indefinitely.
If you are interested in talking to Dave Jones about a new cue or cue that needs to be repaired, you can contact him at Dave Jones Custom Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.

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