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Maker of pool cues from 1989 to present in Chicago, Illinois.
Joe Gold has been known as one of the top pool players in the Chicago area for years. On the weekends, for 10-15 years, Joe would go to some of the top tournaments in the country. During the week, Joe worked as a contractor and cabinet maker in high-end homes around Chicago. As a hobby, Joe did some gunsmithing and made parts for the motorcycles he raced. He has always been an aficionado of fine things and has collected such things as high performance autos and motorcycles, Swiss watches, precious metals and gemstones. With his background in fabrication, his ability as a player and his eye for detail, Joe believed that he could make a cue that would look and play better than anything that was then available.
In 1988, Joe went to his friend, Craig Petersen, and ordered a custom cue with the agreement that Joe could witness every step of its construction. After learning the basics of cue construction by watching his cue being built, Joe started to accumulate the necessary equipment to make cues. Joe hired an engineering firm in Chicago to help with the development of his cue design. He chose the name "Cognoscenti," which is a term used to describe people who recognize and appreciate the finest things. Soon thereafter the first Cognoscenti cue was built.
Although most Cognoscenti cues are not marked, they have always been easy to recognize. They were the first and only cues (for several years) to feature a G-10 glass epoxy joint screw. This material flexes more in harmony with, and is closer in weight to, wood rather than steel or brass. By reducing the weight at the joint and using a material that played more like wood, Joe Gold was able to balance and weight Cognoscenti cues to his design without compromising playability. At the same time, in its application for a joint pin, G-10 is as strong as steel and gives the cues a very unique look. The same is true of the optional Grade 5 titanium screw. Another feature that makes Cognoscenti cues easy to recognize is the design of the decorative rings. Early Cognoscenti cues featured notched wooden rings while all Cognoscenti cues today have ebony rings with exactly thirty stitches of .999 fine silver. These rings may also appear just above the wrap, and at the top and bottom of the butt sleeves, always with exactly thirty silver stitches. The only cues Joe has made that have identification marks have "Cognoscenti" on the titanium joint screw. The standard length of Joe´s cues is 57 1/2 in., and Joe refuses to make a cue any longer than that. He played with a 57 ½ in. cue for years, and insists that shorter cues play better.
Joe also believes that being a better player allows him to make better playing cues. Cognoscenti cues are proof of Joe´s philosophy. There are many variations of Cognoscenti desgins, the first being a basic cue with no points. The other variations each have different floating point designs. From there, the exotic materials used and the number and types of inlays added allow for infinite possibilities. Joe insists on perfect execution. Any flaw on a Cognoscenti means the cue is cut in pieces and thrown away. Demand for new custom designed Cognoscenti cues exceeds production output, so there is currently a three year wait list. Joe will indefinitely fix any construction defects on Cognoscenti cues that are not the result of abuse. If you have a Cognoscenti cue that needs repair, or would like to talk to Joe about the design of a new cue, contact Cognoscenti Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.

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