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Maker of pool cues from 1993 to present in South St. Paul, Minnesota.
Dale "Flying Eagle" Chilton began playing pool at the age of seven. He also got into woodworking as a hobby at a young age. In 1983, Dale suffered a serious back injury while working. This left him unable to do the kind of work he was used to. His injury led him into the health care field, and he started his own company soon after. He continued to play pool, and he built cedar cabinets as a hobby. He enjoyed league pool and, in 1990, won an award for running three consecutive racks in a league tournament. About this time, Dale combined his love of pool and his woodworking hobby to build aromatic cedar pool cue cases.
In 1993, Dale decided to start making custom cues. The first cues had 3/8-10 joint screws, a few of which had ACME threads. From the beginning, Dale started marking his cues with a "Chilton" logo with three concentric "C"s, representing Chilton Custom Cues. Early cues used blanks that Dale bought, but he soon learned to make his own.
Many construction improvements have been made to Chilton cues since Dale started. In 1993, he started to use thread on collars and cap thread on ferrules. In 1995, Dale started using laminated shafts, which he prefers to be very stiff and, soon after, he switched to the Uni-Loc joint. All Chilton cues use a Uni-Loc pin unless the customer requests something different. Dale has made many custom cues suited to the specifications of the specific player.
In March of 1996, Dale´s shop burned down. After this incident, Dale bought better equipment and returned to cuemaking with an even better product. About 20 cues made after the fire were signed on the forearm to show how proud Dale was of his improved cues. Since then Dale is again putting the three concentric "C"s on the butt caps. In 1997, Dale started putting a laminated dowel through the center of the butts, and he believes this improves the hit. Dale makes approximately 90 cues per year. He does all of his own inlay work by hand on a pantograph, and all components are threaded on.
Dale makes a jump cue called the Flying Eagle 2, because it has two tips for two different types of jump shots (very short or very long). All Flying Eagle 2 cues have an aluminum Uni-Loc pin and should weigh less than 6 ounces.
Dale makes a complete cue package. With just one butt, you can get a break shaft and shooting shaft that attach to the Uni-Loc pin he uses. There is also an extension handle that adds 13 inches to the cue in a matter of seconds, for long reach shots. A complete package, including the butt, the two shafts, and the extension handle, starts at $500. Individual shafts, butt and extension handle can be purchased, with prices ranging from $80 to $120. Dale also sells Flying Eagle instructional videos at $20.
Dale is still involved in health care, and donated eleven $700 cues to Kirby Puckett´s Children´s Heart Fund Celebrity Pool Tournament, which all ended up in the hands of professional sports figures who have donated time to the charity. Dale would like to play on the pro tour, but may have to leave that up to his son, Dale Jr., who was playing pretty well by the age of four. Dale Jr. helped Dale make a cue for him and Dale has made cues for some other kids. Dale Jr., now a teenager, helps in the shop and can do almost all of the jobs except spraying the finish. He also gives free jump lessons at tournaments while his dad works on cue repairs. Dale´s teenage daughter, Katrina, is also interested in pool and plays in an adult league. Dale´s wife Julie plays on the Flying Eagles pool team, which has done very well in tournaments. The game of pool is a family affair for the Chiltons.
If you have a Chilton cue that needs further identification or repair, or would like to talk to Dale about ordering a new cue, contact Chilton Custom Cues listed in the Trademark Index.

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