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Maker of pool cues from 1987 to present in Peru, Illinois
Jerry Eick grew up in the small town of Ottowa, Illinois. The town had a local pool hall where Jerry loved to play snooker, and became one of the best players in town. Jerry was a very defensive player who became very accomplished at safeties. For this, he earned the nickname "Black Heart."
After high school Jerry went into the service and gave up playing pool. Many years later, while Jerry was working as an engineer, his daughter started dating a good pool player. Jerry became interested in the game and began playing again. He immediately became interested in cues and started selling cues as a hobby. By the early eighties, he was also doing repairs.
When Jerry decided to start making cues he took several of his favorite cues and cut them in half to see how they were made and made engineering-type drawings of all of the measurements. With limited knowledge from his high school shop class and some advice from a few top cuemakers, he made his first cue in 1986. The first few cues he made were in the local area, and the local players referred to them as Black Heart cues. That year, Jerry decided to use that name and put a Black Heart logo on the cues. At this time he did not know how to do inlay work so he drew black hearts on the butt caps with India ink. Although he now does an array of different types of inlays, he still applies the Black Heart logos with India ink as a matter of tradition.
Jerry now has six lathes in his shop and makes just under 50 cues a year, working on a part-time basis. He prides himself on his repair work and has done over 2000 repairs a year. Jerry makes everything in Black Heart cues except for the screws and bumpers. All inlay work is done by hand on a pantograph and there are no plans for getting a CNC machine. Points can be spliced or pantographed by hand. Jerry likes to use buck horn for ferrules and joints, and also can use woods in the joints and butt caps. He retired in July of 2005 and now concentrates on making cues full time.
When a customer orders a custom Black Heart cue, Jerry fills out a chart starting from the tip and going to the bumper, which will include design, materials, specifications etc. Since 1995, he has serial numbered all cues internally and kept a record of every one.
Black Heart Custom Cues are guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects that are not the result of warping or abuse. If you have a Black Heart cue that needs further identification or repair, or would like to order a new cue, contact Black Heart Custom Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.

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