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Maker of pool cues from 1995 to present in Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona.
Bryan C. Mordt enjoyed playing pool as a teenager, having started at the age of 17. He got the bug, like many do, and started playing obsessively for many years. He has owned many cues, including Hicks, Meucci, Joss, Schon, Sierra and SouthWest. Soon, Bryan took an interest in trying to maintain his own cues.
In 1995, Bryan met John Shelton, who was kind enough to give Bryan his first introduction to the metal lathe. He started doing small repairs and refinish jobs and then progressed to making his own cues.
Not long after that, Bryan met Eric Niemira, a machinist/cuemaker. They became friends, and Bryan worked with Eric and learned a lot about machines, tooling and setup. In 1998 Bryan purchased a billiards pro shop and continued honing his skills of cuemaking, repairing and restoring all kinds of cues. After four years of running a successful pro shop in Pheonix, Bryan decided to build cues full time. He strives for stability, beauty and quality in his cues. Bryan does not currently mark his cues, unless the customer requests it. In the future, he may offer an engraving on the joint pin to help identify his work. Bryan also enjoys photography, and does all his own cue photos for his website.
BCM Cues are guaranteed against defects in workmanship that are not the result of warpage or abuse.
For more information, or to order a BCM cue, contact Bryan at BCM Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.

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