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Maker of pool cues from 1995 to present in Apache Junction, Arizona.
The cue bug bit Dave Barenbrugge in 1995 when he ran into an old friend, cuemaker Jim Olms, in an Ohio billiards hall. Jim showed Dave a cue he had built and told him about the work he was doing. Shortly after this encounter, Dave did some research and announced his decision to build cues. He was able to talk Dennis Dieckman into letting him apprentice at his "Cueniversity" for nearly two years. In 1998 he completed his first cue and moved to Arizona. For several years he called his business "Precision Cue Design."
In describing his cues, Dave states, "I build what some would consider a plain cue because they aren´t loaded with inlays. Most of my energy is focused on the design that I spent almost eight years doing research and development on. My cues are distinctly different from most others." He starts with a perfectly square "mother" piece for the forearm and does all the splicing from there; four deep ´V´-spliced points underlaying with the butterfly points overlaying. The entire process to hand splice one forearm blank requires over two dozen separate gluing and milling operations and many months. Dave manufctures every piece himself from raw materials except the tips, pins, and bumpers. Joint screws can be stainless steel or titanium. He cuts his own veneers from various hardwoods instead of buying the pre-dyed ones. All pairs of shafts are weight matched.
Barenbrugge cues are guaranteed against construction defects that are not the result of abuse, misuse, warpage and normal wear and tear. They will be repaired or replaced as long as Dave is alive.
For more information or to purchase a cue, please refer to Barenbrugge Cues, which is listed in the Trademark Index.

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