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Maker of pool cues from 1983 to present, in Texas, Louisiana, Saucier, Mississippi, and currently believed to be in Florida.
David Barber grew up playing pool. Both his father and uncle were excellent players, and they started teaching David when he was fourteen years old. In 1971, David made his first pool cue in his high school shop class. He continued to enjoy the game, and pursued a career as a welder and machinist in the Texas oil fields. After receiving a $350 custom cue in 1977, David thought that he could do a better job making a cue. That same year, he started repairing and making hustler cues as a hobby. David enjoyed repairing cues, and he would take them apart to learn how they were made. He bought a few of the best cues made at the time, just to dissect them. Using what he had learned, he made his first cue from scratch in 1983.
David constantly improved his cuemaking through the 1980s, while continuing to work full time as a pipe welder. He made many hustler cues and quite a few custom cues, most of which had "DB" cut into the butt cap. His wife was from Shreveport, Louisiana, and they would often go there to visit her family. David would spend time in the pool rooms there, and he ended up meeting Bill Schick. They quickly became friends, and, although Bill has never formally taught David how to make cues, Bill has given him a lot of helpful advice over the years.
In 1990, David started cutting his "D over B" logo into the butt cap of every cue he made. He finally retired from the welding business in 1995 so he could start making cues full time. He still enjoys doing repairs, especially on custom cues by legendary makers.
In 1997, Fred "Creole Freddie" Yates joined Barber Custom Cues as a partner. Fred and David have been friends since high school (although they went to competing schools and played football on opposing teams). Over the years, Fred had promoted tournaments and was co-owner of Snap magazine with Rick Boling, but his favorite occupation has always been cuemaking.
David and Fred made almost 100 cues a year together until Fred left in early 1999. Fred usually started the construction process of a cue, both worked on the cues together, and then David applied the finish. David now does all work on his own. He is proud that all work is done by hand, without the aid of CNC equipment. Hustler cues are still available from Barber Custom Cues, but he also makes his own full-spliced blanks. Exotic wood hustler cues have become very popular, and David says that purpleheart is probably the favorite. Four joints are available on Barber cues, and David makes shafts with four pie-shaped laminations that are available as an option. Most cues come with one shaft, but those over $550 come with two. Le Pro tips used to be standard on all Barber cues, but David now swears by "Sumo" tips, imported from Japan. He offers a unique leather wrap as an option, which is wound on in a 1/8-inch-wide strand. David is very proud of the playability of his cues.

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