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Pool cues manufactured by McDermott Cue Manufacturing Inc. and distributed by Balicini Marketing Group from 1994 to 1995 in Atlanta, Georgia, and later distributed by McDermott Cue Manufacturing Inc.
The Balicini cue was a joint effort between the Balicini Marketing Group and McDermott Cue Mfg. Inc. McDermott manufactured the cues and Balicini marketed and distributed them. The idea was to produce a good playing cue for people who wanted something more durable than wood. Made almost entirely of carbon fiber, the Balicini cue was almost indestructible, even in the hands of the most abusive players. Early cues had a finish over the shaft which required a glove for comfortable play. This was later solved by sanding the shafts smooth and not applying a finish.
Production was stopped in 1995, but then resumed for a time in the late 1990s. McDermott honors the warranties on Balicini cues. If you have a Balicini cue that needs repair, contact McDermott Cue Mfg. Inc., which is listed in the Trademark Index.

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