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Maker of pool cues from 2000 to present in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Buddy K. Baker began playing pool in his early teens and he has enjoyed playing ever since. As a teen he learned the art of leatherwork while in school. Later on, in 1979, he took up the art of leatherwork as a part-time hobby while working at his full-time job for General Motors. There was such a high demand for the elite craftsmanship in his leatherwork that he bagan selling many different items. Buddy always had the knack for learning new hobbies and his passion has always been for the sport of billiards. He began collecting billiard cues in the early 1990s, not as an investment but because he admired the beauty and craftsmanship of cues. He later became a dealer in the billiard industry. As a dealer, he was introduced to Verl Horn, who lived in Buddy´s home state, and immediately became a dealer for Horn Cues. Buddy visited with Verl Horn frequently and watched him work on cues periodically. He witnessed cues in various stages of cue building, which sparked his interest in learning the art of custom cue building. From there, Buddy watched Verl construct his cues while taking notes. The billiard industry was saddened by the unfortunate loss of Verl Horn in 1999. Buddy learned a lot from Verl but never built a cue with him. Over the next year, he received pointers from various other cuemakers. He constructed his first hustler cue in 2000 and began building custom cues in 2001.
Baker Custom Cues have a "BKB" identification on the buttcap. All custom cues are numbered as they are completed. For more information on Baker Custom Cues, or to order a new cue from Buddy, please refer to the listing in the Trademark Index.

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