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Maker of pool cues from 1992 to present in Aurora, Colorado.
Bruce Kuhn and Jeff Fugal became neighbors and friends in 1978. They´ve shared a variety of common interests, including playing pool. Jeff attended college for a short time after high school, and then apprenticed in a machine shop where he first worked as a machinist, and later as a tool grinder and tool maker. His father was a custom cabinet maker. Bruce grew up working in his father´s well-equipped shop, learning how to use wood- and metal-working tools and equipment. His father was self-employed, and Bruce helped him build everything from furniture to a tractor. Even while he studied for his degree in business management, and later worked in corporate management, he continued to do custom woodworking and mechanical work.
One day Bruce and Jeff visited Bill Stroud´s cue shop to buy custom cues from him, and emerged with the idea of building their own cues. They started out in 1990 by doing cue repairs, and analyzing the top cues in the market. Soon they began to develop their own designs and construction techniques. After two years of cue building and testing, the first AE cue was offered for sale in 1992. Originally, the name "AE Cues" was derived from Aardvark Enterprises, and a few early cues had an aardvark cut into the butt cap. The AE name and logo have remained, but "Aardvark Enterprises" has been dropped in favor of "Artistic Engineering," which Jeff and Bruce feel is a more accurate reflection of their cues. All AE Cues are easily identified by the AE logo that has been cut into the butt cap of every cue since AE Cue´s inception. To help with identification, since 1996 a signature and date have been put under the wrap of every cue. An individual serial number was also stamped under the rubber bumper on earlier cues, which can be seen by removing the bumper with an Allen wrench. Today, Bruce and Jeff make approximately 100 cues per year without the help of employees. They have been making cues full time since 1994, and they moved their business from Bruce´s garage to a commercial building in 2000. Construction techniques have been evolving since AE Cue´s beginning. Both Bruce and Jeff are perfectionists and bring their own skills and talents to the partnership, resulting in a cue showing the best that both have to offer while having to meet the exacting standards of each.
All AE cues are guaranteed indefinitely to the original owner against construction defects that are not the result of warping, natural material movement or cracking, or abuse. If you have an AE cue that needs further identification or repair, or would like to talk to Bruce or Jeff about ordering a new cue, contact AE Cues, listed in the Trademark Index.

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